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Pressure Regulators is commonly install in the refrigerant cycle to control the low and high pressure sides of the system under varying load conditions.

  • Evaporator Pressure Regulators
  • Condensing Pressure Regulators
  • Crankcase Pressure Regulators
  • Receiver Pressure Regulators

Evaporating pressure regulators are an accessory designed to maintain a constant evaporating pressure and thereby a constant surface temperature on the evaporator under varying evaporator loads. This regulator prevents too low evaporating pressure and therefore protects the water chiller from freezing or the formation of ice in air evaporators. 

Crankcase pressure regulator is an accessory often used in low temperature cooling systems. It is designed to prevent the compressor motor from overloading when the intake pressure exceeds the manufacturer’s recommended operating pressure.

Receiver pressure regulator which opens on falling receiver pressure and bypasses hot gas to maintain the receiver pressure at the regulator setting (adjustable). Receiver pressure regulator and Condensing Pressure Regulators form a regulating system, used to maintain constant and adequately high condensing and receiver pressure in plant with heat-recovery, and in refrigeration and air conditioning plant with air-cooled condensers.